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A Conversation with
 the Bishop  Vol III  
Subject:  Bishop's Video Conversations
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
In this chapter of our video conversation, I hope to reconnect every member of our Western North Carolina Conference with the Power of Three that is being lived out in churches all around the area. Through the marvels of technology, I am able to make a connection with every member with your help. While this does not take the place of person-to-person meetings, these videos open the possibilities for dialog as never before.
After you've watched the video yourself, please forward it to other members of your church.  If possible, I hope you might show this video to your congregation at an appropriate time in the life you're your church, perhaps during your announcements, or at various meetings throughout the week.  The whole series will be available for download here.  Thank you for your help in strengthening our connection with every member of Christ's church.
Conversation with the Bishop - Vol III 
If you'd like to hear more from the Bishop you can sign up on the same page to receive an e-mail alert when additional videos are posted.
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