Pine Grove
United Methodist Church

1130 Jonestown Rd, Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 765-2569








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 Pine Grove Sunday Schools

bulletFRIENDSHIP CLASS: Adults of all ages. Focus is Bible Study with informed discussion.


bulletWESLEY/PATCHWORK: Couples and singles of all ages. Open discussion of Christian issues, Bible based.


bulletWILLING WORKERS: Ages 60 and up. The class is lecture oriented and uses the Adult Bible Study Series.


bulletSEARCHERS: Adults of all ages. Topics vary from Bible Study to contemporary issues. The class is discussion oriented.


bulletDISCOVERY: Couples and singles age 30 to 50's. Focus is Bible Study as well as issues people face in daily life while seeking to grow in faith. The class is discussion oriented.


bulletASBURY: Ages 40 to 50's. Group discussion of contemporary issues."



Stop by anytime.  (especially on Sundays)

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