House Church Ministry

In October 2019 Pine Grove UMC dedicated its first House Church Ministry located at 260 Sara Lane, Winston Salem, NC 27103 and led by Wake Forest Divinity student, Lizbeth Esquivel. The Pine Grove family and this community were very fortunate to have Liz at the helm of our new House Church Ministry, to reach out to those that have not connected with a church home and are looking for a smaller more relational experience. Sadly, COVID-19 put our ministry on hold but we look forward to re-launching soon.

What happens in a house church? House churches are nothing new. People have been meeting in house churches for centuries. Early Christians met, ate, prayed and worshiped in homes. “In John Wesley’s day, Methodism was essentially a small-group renewal movement where people met in homes for Bible study and accountability.” House churches vary as much as “traditional” churches as far as order of worship, study, etc. The emphasis is on keeping things simple in order to foster discipleship, intimacy, and build community. If you have ever considered becoming part of a journey creating a safe space to allow yourself to explore and develop a relationship with God, then we would like to invite you to consider House Church. Together we can renew and refresh our spiritual insights with love and respect for each other in a place that supports each other according to our needs. You are not alone.

Click Here to see a video of the House Church Dedication.